The Mines: Drums in the Deep

Back this Kickstarter! Awesome miniatures. Cave Troll test print right out of an EPAX X10 in 28mm, 32mm & 54mm. 28mm Dwarf shown for scale.

I have added a 28mm Ballista.

This entire Kickstarter will be available to purchase as soon as I can get them printed. They will be available, at least the miniatures, in all 3 scales, 28mm, 32mm & 53mm.

As Promised.. Revised 32mm Dwarves... Printed with no issues....

Warrior "Sorry sir you know these Nobles, you have to dress them and point them in the right direction...."

Dwarf "wheww....Thanks guys! I still think they can take us but at least we will go down fighting"

28mm, 32mm & 53mm Dwarf Nobles, 53mm Dwarf Warriors - 28mm Dwarf

Dwarf "Thanks for coming guys. Wait! where are your weapons?"

28mm, 32mm & 53mm Dwarf Nobles - 28mm Dwarf

Dwarf "Seriously! Can we discuss this?"

28mm, 32mm & 53mm Cave Trolls - 28mm Dwarf

28mm Ballista & 28mm Dwarf