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WOPEC05 - World of Pratheron : Eldrin City Pt. 4 - Tower 1 - 28mm


WOPEC05 - World of Pratheron : Eldrin City Pt. 4 - Tower 1 - 28mm

Eldrin is a city founded by Eldric'Ohr himself in honor of the hero Nagrund after winning the war against the Orcs. The city is protected by the magical ruler Eldric'Ohr and consists of numerous magical devices. It is a city like the utopia of Northern World wizards and is always crowded with pilgrims.

WOPEC05 Consists of: 1 - 28mm Tower 1. Printed in 7 Pieces, each Floor, Wall and Roof level is printed in one piece. (24) 5mm Magnets are included along with the Doors.


Eldrin Tower 1 is about 115mm x 115mm x 330mm in size


Printing is available in any scale upon request. Price will be quoted. Printing time is aprox. two weeks depending on schedule. Delivery schedule will come with price quote.


Printed with: PLA Filament, Grey, at .16mm layer height.

This product is provided cured but unpainted and may still have supports attached. Some assembly may be required.

Source models are copyright Young Son and, provided by AQ Hobbies as an officially licensed printer.

WARNING: This is not a toy it is a scale miniature and may have small pieces that are a choking hazard.