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Tiny-Furniture - TF-F19 - Drinker - UNPAINTED


Tiny-Furniture - TF-F19 - Drinker - UNPAINTED

The old man, in his dirty rags, was sitting in the mud just outside of the tavern. Staring at the sun through the dirty glass of the bottle that he had emptied hours ago; it’s reflection causing him to squint. Lamenting, his mind wandered to better days. Half a century ago, Archie… then Archibald III was a young man of considerable wealth. Born of noble blood, an owner of a large estate, his life was one of luxury. Then he had a whole cellar filled with the finest wines and liquors to be had.

Height: ~30mm (without a base) base d - 23mm

Made of resin. Assembly required.

Sold unpainted!