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Tiny-Furniture - TF-F16 - Peasant girl - UNPAINTED

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Tiny-Furniture - TF-F16 - Peasant girl - UNPAINTED

The young girl, in the simply cut but neatly maintained dress, danced in and out of the swirling mass of humanity that is the marketplace. Deftly jumping a puddle, ducking under a low stall beam, a swirl of the skirt and she was around an upended cart. Where ever she went smiles and greetings followed her, all of which she returned in kind. People were always glad to see Agnes, and not because she worked for the old noble widow on the hill, but because she was a gentle soul. Arriving at her destination, the vegetable merchant smiled broadly as she approached. After greeting the merchant, Agnes began her inspection of the pumpkins and cabbages. After choosing the best available, she waited while the merchant worked his abacus. “Eight pence” the merchant said. Agnes frowned slightly, “Not five days ago this would have only been four pence”.

Height: ~30mm (without a base) base d - 23mm

Made of resin. Assembly required.

Sold unpainted!