Tiny-Furniture - TF-F06 - Carpet Merchant - UNPAINTED

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Tiny-Furniture - TF-F06 - Carpet Merchant - UNPAINTED

The market was abuzz with all manner of sights, sounds, and smells. It was a busy day and business should be brisk. Nabir, however, did not share in the excitement that surrounded him. For the tenth time in as many minutes, he cursed under his breath, “It is already the fifth hour since I’ve opened and have not sold a single carpet. Curse my luck, and curse these people.” Looking around at the other stalls doing a vigorous business Nabir whispered, “I should have listened to my beloved Elaheh… next time I bring a caravan of dry figs and Curcuma.”

Height: ~30mm (without a base) base d - 23mm

Made of resin. Assembly required.

Sold unpainted!