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Serious-Play - Swamp Green Standard Static Grass Tufts

Serious-Play - Swamp Green Standard Static Grass Tufts
Light green with a light brown hint, a very natural looking color, a bit more subdued than some of the bright colors without being faded, looks great for swamp terrain or also works nicely among sand dunes.
What you receive is based on the selection you choose:
2mm - 1 Sheet, contains 168 Individual tufts
4mm - 1 Sheet, contains 128 Individual tufts
6mm - 1 Sheet, contains 98 Individual tufts
6mm mini - 1 Sheet, contains 300 Individual tufts
10mm-12mm - 1 Sheet, contains Individual 98 Tufts
7mm-9mm Big - 1 Sheet, contains 50 Big bushy tufts 
10mm-12mm Big - 1 Sheet, 50 Big bushy tufts
Big True - 1 Sheet, contains 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm various size tufts and bushes with blended colors.