Serious-Play Scenics - UK - 7/15/2021

Serious-Play Scenics - UK - 7/15/2021

Update 7/25/2021

Product has started arriving, if you are waiting for something keep checking as we are receiving a steady flow of product now.




We are happy to announce that after a year of issues Serious-Play Scenics is back and we are starting the recovery process and stock update here in the USA.

They have a huge variety of Static Grass products and are the best value for you money that we know of. They are also capable of making special products on demand.

So the good part for you USA customers. We at AQ Hobbies will become their shipping partner for the USA and it's territories. If you order from them and we have it in stock we will ship it to you saving you shipping cost and time. Also if we don't have it in stock the arrangement will place it in stock with us quickly so future orders to be fulfilled can be handled by us. 

Thanks to all you loyal customers for your continued support over this trying period and I want to assure you that all is well on the other side of the pond with Alex, Jess, (Oliver), Kinny and crew, and we will get back to normal stock level very soon as OOS product is on the way as I type this.


Michael & Alex. 

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