Goldfields: Medieval Village NPC Miniatures

Goldfields: Medieval Village NPC Miniatures

Please back this project! These guys are awesome! 

I am carrying some of their work as they did some of the Tiny-Furniture Miniatures.

The history of the Evocatus Miniatures began in 2015. When we released our first miniature "Apple Trader". Even then, we noticed that very few miniatures of civilians are produced for the world of tabletop role-playing games and wargames. Therefore, we decided to fix it. In 2018, we successfully completed the first major project, and together with our partners prepared a recruitment Market square.

And this year we have prepared a wonderful project for you! More than 70 miniatures of civilians and an additional terrane (when opening all the extra goal), which will add variety to your game and add to the atmosphere of the village medieval.

Hot off the Press.

Peasant Girl

Winemakers Set

Little Knight

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